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happy 665th post to me

would you believe i’ve reached post number 665 already? there’s nothing really significant with that number. but since i’ve been blogging for 3 years already… and has been feeding this blog with utter nonsense and shallow rantings for a long time, you’ve got to congratulate me for being consistent! come on congratulate me! haha wtf.

ahahaha. i just can’t shut up. especially that my parents gave me money to waste online. wait. i’m back to starving myself just to go online. oh well, i’m planning on getting thinner anyway. so… i went online because i can’t take the smell in the dorm. you know, paint. well, my nose is running fast. hahaha. after an hour i’m going back to eat.

yehey. i feel wierdly happy. hahaha.

heeey! i’m going to relive the neopets mania once more! i’m gonna play! yehey! hahaha