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still lucky

i thought i’m gonna die of lovesickness. what?! every fucking minute i think of him my heart is filled with mixed emotions. i’m happy because i met him yet sad because there’s a slim chance of us meeting again. i just hope he still remembers me. err, well i’m trying to discard the thought of ‘us’ since it’s quite settling into my nerves that in his work, he has to be extra friendly to his customers, no matter who they are. but i just can’t stop thinking! that day when i sat down with my cup of coffee i was secretly eyeing this group of teens who also bought coffee from him. i want to prove that he’s not always like that, you know, talking to people… to girls, befriending them and putting hearts on names with the letter i. then i saw the difference… hahaha. i still won. LoL. my name is written really big… and it has a heart. hah. beat that! so is my second cup, where instead of a heart he just drew a sun. whatever. can i just shut up? ok! shut me up! shut me up!

i’ll shut up about him now. oh, for your information… i’m back in los banos – where i’m starting to get weaker and weaker because of the freakin smell in our dorm. i’m wheezing like hell here! apparently, our dorm has just been repainted last week so the stink still lingers. i can handle that, it’s been around 5 years since i last stayed in a newly repainted house and i’m not missing it. haha but i can bear the smell alright.

life has been terrific. haha, you ask? i don’t really know. i’m just becoming my usual optimistic self. my previous crush, the one i was online-stalking – would you believe my luck – is going to take summer classes too! (well, i think so because i saw him just now and now is the summer registration date) great! i’m gonna see him! good Lord. but it doesn’t mean the feeling’s going to come back. heck. i’m still a poor lovesick puppy. i said i will shut up.

so. early morning i went to men’s dorm to meet with kat. yey. i missed her! then we went to CEAT for our form 5. blah. summer registration procedures are extremely boring so i’m gonna skip them. the point is, i’m already registered and all i have to do is chill out until the 18th comes for the start of classes, which is already on wednesday. i’m taking chem17. please pray for the continuity of my sanity. a lot of people have been warning us not to take the blasted subject because it’s too hard but as i would love to spend summer at home, i have no choice but to take it. ah, you know my reasons. anyway… that’s pretty much it.

i can’t wait till april 28! ice skating with barkada! golly, i miss them! and for heaven’s sake… i need a break!! i haven’t gone swimming yet! oh maybe when we pass chem17 i’m gonna treat my friend-classmates to go swimming! yahahahahaaa. and then by that time i may have saved enough money to treat myself to MoA! i will see him at last!

i’ll shut up now.