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the good, the bad, and the 5 hour stroll

terai and i went to smf awhile ago. hahaha. the hot and sticky feeling the rain left on us didn’t stop us from going to the mall. so we commuted there and loooked around. yeah, we’re the mistresses of window shopping. we practically tried every shoe (that fits) in the department store and entered those expensive looking boutiques without anything on our wallets (aside from the fare). we even spent a lot of time in body shop testing their items and talking to their sales lady… without buying anything of course. hahaha. but i did buy a couple of things, a sleeveless top from surplus shop, a book, and 3 cheap ballpens. well what can i do, they’re all ON SALE. hehehe.

what i want to buy when i have enough money:

-the white musk perfume from body shop. damn how come it’s that expensive??? ;__;
-running flats. yeah i need them.
-the choco melt lipgloss i saw in skin food. fuck. there’s not even gold in it.
-books. books. and mooore books. i want to complete my harry potter series and reread them. i also want to get any neil gaiman, paulo coehlo, dan brown or meg cabot book.

hahaha. ok, where are you money???

READ our Verse of the Day!!! 1 Timothy 6:6-10 =)