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the sun is shiinnniiiing! duh

in the heat of the summer, would you believe it just rained? it wasn’t hard though. but it did skrew up my plan to go to the mall later. yeah, i want to go to the mall today… even though i’m going to the mall again tomorrow! with mika! i hope 300 is still showing mehn.

fyi, i don’t have enough to spare for my mall cravings. in fact, i just love window shopping and tagging along with anyone who’s going to the mall. oh well. good news, there’s already a starbucks nearby. uhh, walking distance from here in fact. err… it’s a long walk but it’s still walking distance. wtf. i’m getting poorer and poorer by the moment.

i’m scouting for a new counter. with better stats. all i get with my counter right now are yearly, monthly, weekly, daily and hourly stats. i found a potentially good one in ‘webstats’, their demo stats are amazing, you get the usual timely update, top 10 referrers, top 10 keywords, top 10 search engines, top 10 browsers used, country visitors, last 20 visitors’ details… uggh, they’re all useful. but but but, their website is kinda weird. it won’t let me update my account and i can’t login. shit.

if i don’t get that, i’ll wait until blogpatrol is ok again. coz they’re currently unavailable wtf.

ooh, the sun is shinniiiinnngg again. should i go out? mehn. it’s not like i have to give myself a break. these are just pointless cravings.. mga luho kung baga. but wait, i’m not really indulging on something (of course aside from coffee). heck i don’t even need anything material right now… but, i just want to feel the mall again. eeehh ang weird ko eh. gusto ko lang pumasok sa SM para tumingin-tingin.