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wednesday afternoon:

met with mika at starbucks, sm north. had my precious dose of coffee. the barista heard my name wrong. it’s ok, it’s not always that you get christened with a new name. though it sucks cos i forgot to mention that my name’s Adrianne and not Arianne (or Marian, whatever). watched 300 at last! great film. laudable edits. distracting abs. COOL queen. love the queen. super. hehehe. basta, there were only a few people in the cinema that time and that’s good. although i can’t seem to figure out why the film is only r-13 when it could’ve been r-18 for those err, boobs. lol. after the film we strolled a bit, looked around and… blah. then mika and i separated. met with my sister in the bag area and from there we went up to get my jumper replaced. ok, done. then our parents texted us, they’re gonna fetch us so… hooray for that. we strolled even more! mehn, i’m so tired. i can’t wait to get home.

finally! we got home at around 8. mehn, my feet are sore! but i had a great day. thank you Lord.

yesterday after lunch:

my sister invited me to go malling. AGAIN. AGAIN. so we’re like SM hopping this whole week. i was supposed to refuse because… i’m tired and i feel like i’ll be having my period anytime that moment. in the end i went with her. our parents dropped us off at Buendia where we took the bus to MoA. we arrived there at around 1pm. and fuck, i was right. i have my freakin period already. good thing i was wearing emergency pads. thank goodness. because of that, i nearly spoiled my sister’s day because i can’t go strolling with her kasi masakit puson ko. T_T. but she’s fine with it. super. i thought we’re gonna quarrel the whole day but no, she even suggested that i just buy a drink from starbucks and sit down while i wait for her to finish her usual mall strolling.

and so, i bought coffee. again. haha. i was like struggling to walk properly to the counter because the abdominal cramps are killing me. my mood was so hellish i want to transform their chairs to a bed so at least i could lay down properly and rest. i almost hated this day… almost.

me: isang venti mocha frappe po.
barista: name po nila?
me: arianne po
barista: san pa kayo galing?
me: ha, fairview po.
barista: layo ah!
me: onga eh.
barista: nagpa-shuttle kayo dito?
me: hindi, commute lang po.
barista: diretso yun? ano sinakyan mo?
me: bus, papuntang MoA.
barista: alam mo yung sa ‘Soldiers’?
me: hindi, san yun?
barista: diba sa fairview ka?
me: oo, sa west kami eh pero di ko alam yun. village ba yun?
barista: 🙂 dibale, sorry di ako familiar sa fairview eh.
me: hehe ok lang.

weee. he’s so cute. i almost forgot i have a monthly curse to bear with. i was so grateful that someone talked to me that way because i feel really cross that day. instant mood uplifter. i was about to exit the shop and i heard him say, “thank you, arianne!” i just gave him a thumbs up without turning around.
uggh, sometimes i act really weird around guys.
wait, before going out the store… or before the guard let me out, the guard asked me if i know how to make a star out of a paper. i said, “sorry, hindi po” and he just smiled, thanked me and opened the door. what do you need an origami star for anyway? heh. so there. i sat down relieved that the fucking tension in my abdomen is starting to fade away. haha, and to think i’m drinking something cold. i don’t have anything productive to do. i could’ve doodled on the their tissue paper you know, but i don’t have a freakin pen or something. heh. so i just turned on my mp3 player and stared into places while i sip through my favorite drink. my sister arrived with a bag of chips from the dep’t store snack bar. thanks a lot, i could use that plastic bag to keep this almost-empy venti cup.

confession: haha. this sounds so pathetic. i’m actually collecting starbucks plastic cups. i usually keep those who got the spelling of my name right, but this time i’m going to make an exception because he put a heart on my name. fuck. hahahah. now, LOL all you want. mehn, you just have to bear with me sometimes because i’m just fond of documenting rare things that happen to me. like this. and besides, my life has been dull enough so forgive me for indulging like this.

and because my sister still have plans to leave me to stroll EVEN MORE, i bought another cup. haha. why, i love coffee too much i think i’m gonna die of it. so i walked back to the counter and ordered another cup.

me: isang pa pong venti mocha frappe
barista: anong name ilalagay ko?
me: arianne na lang ulit
barista: mag-isa ka lang?
me: di, kasama ko ate ko
barista: ah *gives receipt and change*
me: senxa, nabitin ako eh matagal pa ko tatambay dyan eh. hehe
barista: arianne, ilan taon ka na?
me: 16 po
barista: 🙂 hindi mukha
me: onga eh (i actually saw this coming T_T)
barista: san ka nag-aaral?
me: UP po
girl barista from behind: wow sosyal! (sosyal na maging taga UP? or sosyal kasi afford ng isang tagaUP -FOR NOW- na magkape? lol) sa manila?
me: los banos
barista: layo ah! 🙂
me: onga eh, full time kayo?
baristas: yup

so i took my cup again. yey. this is so heaven! then the girl barista asked me, “arianne gusto mo tikman yung banana java chip namin?” i answered, “free ba?” she replied, “oo naman! teka lang arianne ah, dyan ka lang.” hehe. how nice, i get a free taste of their newest drink. so there, i carried them all out, careful not to drop anything because i’m holding the venti cup, my wallet, phone and the other cup… blah. just so you know, i’m not rich. maybe you think i am because i can afford to drink like that but truth be told, i’m just a coffee addict. i spend more for coffee than anything else. heck i can tighten my wallet on regular meals just to get a decent cup of coffee. it’s my drug. my personal heaven on earth. sorry.

my sister and i left at 5pm and commuted to megamall because our parents are going to fetch us there. we’re almost running out of time because our parents are already there, waiting for us. they even called and told to us to just commute our way home but noooo, i don’t have enough money. fuck. good thing the driver of Rainbow Express is such a law breaker. he did everything! speeding, tailgating, overtaking on highways, loading/unloading on prohibited places… everything! and to think he didn’t know we’re on a rush . we’re like on the ‘super’ ride of our lives!! it was an ordinary bus so i could feel the violent gush of air from the window that threatens to throw be aback. fuck. the hell i care. we used to hate these kinds of drivers but in reality, they come in really useful. hahahaha

whew. after that, i came home with a skullsplitting headache. this is what you get for drinking too much coffee, wasting too much money and riding on Rainbow Express.

but honestly, i don’t regret doing all those. =)