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oh my blog

hahaha. hello anime!
i’m enjoying reading slam dunk and prince of tennis doujins! yehey. haha. i miss Senru! wahahaha. oh my, i wish i were back in highschool where i can openly converse with my friends about my new found obsession. back then it wouldn’t sound so taboo to talk about bishounens and senru and yaoi… but now…. only this blog understands.

dear blog. (wtf? i’m now talking to my blog) i’m so grateful you came into my life. you’re the reason why i could keep a lot of things untold. you contain a lot of things i prefer unheard. you’ve been tolerant to my pointless ramblings and childish tantrums. you’ve been with me through thick and thin. you never leave me. you’re always there. ready to listen. you know all my crushes even though i keep them in *tooots* and ____ most of the time. there’s a time i had to put you down but i realized i can’t just leave these scornful things unpublished. you’re my portal to a different world. you opened me to the world of html. because i don’t want to see you in your default state, i was pushed to create a unique layout just for you. it takes me hours just to adorn you with the best i could manage. and look, all your previous clothes were dumped on the rummage sale for other people to use. see for yourself how you’ve grown and how i’ve grown as well.

awwww. i’m just so proud that i’m still actively blogging for 3 years! 3 years of pure indistinguishable gibberish!! cheeeerrrs to us mr. blog (now he’s a MR)