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hotaru no mori!

*sniff* *sniff* what a sad love story. i totally love it.

download it here
the title is Hotaru No Mori under One Shots and Extras.
mehn. i’m so inspired to turn it into a harryXdraco! yeah.

ah. that’s a manga/comics. hehe. i suggest you don’t download anything else aside from that because as far as i’m concerned, everything else is a slash/boyxboy/yaoi thing so i’m afraid you’ll freak out. haha. unless, like me, you favor slash. haha.

hotaru no mori is a hetero paired manga. haha. weee. it’s rare that i liked hetero paired comics. waheehehee.

now i’m reading a doujin of ‘tennis no ohjisama’. wahahahaaaa.