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stalking your crush on the net

to tell you honestly, i’ve been in this nasty business for about some time now especially when i heard of some google search options you could do to narrow down your research.

you probably know this already. heh.

if you want to get more information about your crush, aside from asking people (and asking him personally as well)… it’s also nice to know what the world wide web says about him. if your crush doesn’t have a public blog (like mine), has his friendster account set to private (like mine), and doesn’t usually go around the net (like mine. lol), you have to rely on other sources. like his friends. BUT if you don’t want to talk his friends into giving you infos about him because… hello? it’s too obvious, you can stalk them as well. and because you’re too shy to hide behind the lampost and secretly take notes about them while they eat… well, you’ve got the ever reliable internet to depend on.

bwahahaha. i’m so pathetic for even sharing this to you!
so first of all you have to know your crush’s name. what a loser if you only know his first name. you should now his 2nd name (if there’s any) and most importantly his surname. hahaha. so, like me, if you want to stay safe and learn more about him in a discreet manner that only you and the ‘history’ of your internet explorer browser knows… here’s how.

pagsisisihan ko ba ‘to?

ah basta eto lang yon: in Google, enclose your search string with quotations to get more specific search feeds. for example, “ryan agoncillo” ♥ google will only show you links that mention those words. yeah. cool, huh. try vanity searching to see how many websites actually contain your name on it.

problema na nga lang kung
a) maraming kapangalan ang crush nyo eg. Juan Dela Cruz, mga Santos, Dizon… blah
-if this happens, try his nick+surname.
b) or… super walang alam ang web tungkol sa kanya. whaaaat?

hahaha. the point is, even though your crush doesn’t own anything publicly displayed on the web for you to marvel on, there’re always websites that will somehow (one way or another) mention him. LIKE HIS FRIEND’S BLOG. CLASS SITES. FORUMS. (i found them all. hooraaah.)

believe me. actually, right now i’m looking at some of his highschool-mates blogs.

mehn. would you believe meeeeee???? i’m this desperate to know hiiimmmm? but all we share are stolen stares and innocent glances that only I acknowledge as signs of something ‘good’ brewing. girls are normally like that – a casual glance is a largely ambiguous term. he knows i exist because he thinks i have a crush on him. which is true, everybody (almost) does anyway. and it makes me jealous thinking that he’s only interested (not even) in me because i’m one of those junk of bitches who fell for him.

lol. i’m so interested with him.

ps: i’m just lucky that he has a unique nickname. made my research easier. lol