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oh yes i'm a fool for you

i’ve been getting too much information from google. and now i’m laughing at it. fuck. i have to stop before i actually mention his name. his WHOLE barkada’s names. his most recent ex girlfriend. his school. his birthday. his type of girl.


yeah. most stalkers are.
but you have to admit, there is a certain feeling of fulfillment upon knowing private things like that. it makes you promote yourself as an accomplished investigator. lol

meeeehhn. stop it dude!

on to this day:

terai and i went to sm north to buy a gift for someone. i finally claimed my ponds age miracle trial pack from watson’s. haha. i’m not really interested with the product because i believe i still look relatively like a teenager but i was so keen on not letting a freebie pass. i’m a perk freak. anyhow i’m going to give the blasted cream to ate theresa. she needs it more than i do. hehehe.

damn there’s 300 in the Bloc! i wanna watch! mika can’t go this wednesday…. someone watch with me??? come on! those abs look sooo…. exaggerated and computerized! hahaha

spartaaaaah mehn!