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crawling my way to a tres

the world goes still, so still inside and
when you say you love me
for a moment there’s no one else alive
aww. i love that song. it’s so sweet. yey. i watched the UP ravens last night that’s why i wasn’t able to go home on the same day, but anyway i’m back. bwahahaha. the production was, honestly, poor. their blocking was off as well. i couldn’t say the 100 bucks i paid for the ticket paid off. but on the bright side, i was with my friends and we were cheering for marco. he has the most fans… that’s us and i must say he’s the only comic relief in the stage. yey to my blocmate! congrats to those who performed as well… especially my other blocmate kochang, my phlo1 classmate kirk and my psy1 classmate evy. hahaha. i didn’t know you had it in you.

so. at least i got a good feel of the auditorium. it was my first time there. and hey, my crush was there. with another girl whom i presume is the one he’s courting (or is already his girlfriend). i couldn’t care less. actually and i was wondering when the killer arrow will strike me dead because i didn’t feel jealous or something. for one thing, i already know what’s happening between them and pretty much i’m just playing the role of an imaginary third party.

damn. my upper lip is swollen. >.< so what's driving me? ah, you ask. i've found a new yaoi pairing in Death Note and obviously it's LxRaito. i'm reading a fic right now. hmm. i miss my friends. i want to transfer to diliman, badly, but seeing that i am too dumb to garner an average of 2.50, i guess i’m stuck in los banos… for life. i’m not afraid of repeating chem16 because if there’s no opening of chem17 this summer and 1st sem then i’ll still see my previous classmates in the next class. well, there’s a chance, yes… but what a shame. what a shame talaga. waaaaaaah!!! i need to study chem!!!