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death note

it's the cause why i've been spending too much money these days. would you believe i've shelled out a thousand bucks already in just 4 days without even noticing? that's the pain of being so awfully addicted to Death Note. i can't watch it anywhere but here where they have fast internet connections and i'm just too anxious to wait for someone to lend me the series. anyhow. forget about how much thrifty i've become this week. the point is, i have a sister and with her, i guess i am guaranteed food that will hopefully last me for 2 days. though i have to pay her back when i get my allowance.
speaking of allowance. i just couldn't bear the fact that i can't save at least 50% of what i'm getting per week just because of this abnormal addiction (that will hopefully run out in a matter weeks) to an anime series.
if you must know, Death Note is a potentially addictive japanese anime that, in my opinion, is like an animated version of a paranormal CSI case. i swear, you'd be hooked the moment you read the synopsis or watch the first half of my episode. take it from me, i'm sacrificing a good meal just to have enough money to pay for the internet. -_-;;