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breaking the rules

ooops. okay. i think the profile where i’m watching the L word has a virus, or something equally harmful. a fresh minute ago while watching episode two, the computer restarted and everything i’ve typed here went poof! — gone. -_-;; two days ago in another computer shop, while watching the same episode (coz i can’t seem to finish it with the unusual bagdowns), the screen went blank and reappeared to have a bigger resolution. i ignored. then after while a short while it went blank again and went back to the normal screen resolution. i closed the video and the weird stuff stopped happening.

dear dear. i’m back to infiltrating harmful stuff to computer shops. i think i’m a virus in my past life. i don’t want to end up like i did to primelink solutions where, as much as i’d like to go back… i can’t because of er.. shame! yeah shame.

so. i can’t watch L word for now. i guess i just have to buy a dvd. haha, i wish i were legal!!!!
speaking of legal…

happy 18th birthday michieeeee!!!!!!

my friends are turning legal one by one and i’m being left in the bracket of stupid minors with limited privileges… >.< awww. i'm the last to turn 18! well, it's okay. hahaha. so, L word’s out. next in line is Death Note! yeah, it’s about time to learn how this wicked series infected my friends. and who knows i’m going back to being an otaku? ♥