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i love receiving e-newsletters from Cnet. they cover up the most important tech topics on the web and they give you super reliable answers and advices coming from the tech pro’s themselves and other active members. right now i’m learning a lot on which antivirus works best because as usual, i’m having problems managing my system. grrr… i promised to save money to get a decent and licensed antivirus but i realized why do i have to when i can get an equally functional antivirus for free?

so yeah. i’m moving from norton to AVG antivirus free edition. it’s around 18MB but what’s that in exchange of maximum security? okay. what led me to AVG is also the fact that most computer shops use it and it works well. most antiviruses slow down your computer even when they’re scanning in the background but AVG doesn’t. what else, when it detects a threat you can easily choose ‘heal’ and it will automatically heal the infected file unlike norton which transfers the file to quarantine first before healing it. in fact i don’t think it actually heals because i’ve never encountered a ‘healed’ file among the threats it has detected.

soooo… since it’s FREE and will only consume 18MB of diskspace, i’ll give it a shot.
if you’re interested you can download it here.


enter: hippy mode

yey. i’m home! whew. well, i’m glad i’m finished with most of my homeworks. >.< i have until the end of tonight to finish them all because i don't have time to spare tomorrow. last night, our parents met us up in sm megamall. they brought food. hehe. as usual. so we ate in the car and toured afterwards. haaay, i’m getting sore of megamall. next time i’ll hop to st. francis square to check out if they have the complete season of the L word. hahaha. so we strolled around, checked furnitures and galleries and also took a moment to check this week’s open exhibit. it was great. i never knew there were artists capable of doing such emotive paintings. i especially liked the works of emannuel garibay. super bow ako. i love the way he puts ulterior meanings to traditional filipino scenarios. it’s full of…. hmm … politics and controversy. things i hate but nevertheless love when they’re played by an artists hand. then we drank coffee in starbucks. i was the one who initiated because… i can’t stop myself. then i strolled more… it’s almost 10pm when i saw joseph and sandara walk past me. i was semi-star strucked. i have my cam phone with me but i supressed the urge because there’s a much stronger force pulling me to the opposite side… the CR. so i walked away… i’m almost near the comfort room when i saw on the other side of the wing, jopay of sexbomb and this other tv guy. i stopped in my tracks. hello? that’s like… jopay! my favorite sexbomb dancer! haha. call me whatever later, shut up for now. anyhow, the ‘stronger force’ i was talking about awhile ago is still so keen on pulling me back to my senses. and i must say it’s really strong. i felt a sting of rush come to me when i notice the lights are being turned off, the stalls are closing and the boutiques are dimming as well. oh no, they might lock the CR. hahaha. ah basta… naka-CR naman ako. thank God.