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9:30 entry

news: it’s the first time ever that i created a layout that worked well in other browsers. remember the last version of this layout is skrewed in firefox? now it’s not. it came to me one night when i was having my usual solitary sessions that i have a float: right property embedded on the navigation column and so i thought maybe i could float the content area to the other side… and well, it worked. yehey. although it just dawned on me lately, it’s a good thing i thought of it. haha.

damn shane. whenever i get the chance i always damn shane. like now, damn you shane. damn you to hell. why do you have to be like that? “i’m shane, sometimes girly, mostly male”. and your voice… it’s deep and seductive. damn you. but like i said almost one year ago, i’m over you. shit, i’m already a college student in a co-ed university. don’t you dare bring me back the horrors of teenage hormonal imbalance. it’s err… killing me.

good things there’s …. ♥
aah… i don’t want to think of it because i know i’ll just end up like i already did when ryan was engaged to juday.