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can’t think of a good enough title. sorry. the past few err… moments were really dreadful i couldn’t almost get out from the thick blanket i hid myself in. i have never been this depressed in my studies. i’m not usually like this in highschool. i never cared. i was too indifferent to bother looking at my grades because i know there’ll always be some compensation if i don’t get my writtens high. well, things have always been different when you enter college. everything goes extra hard and painful to bear. college will make you feel like the most stupid person on earth. but honestly speaking, i’m still more happy than sad even though things are like this. the endorphins need an appraisal. yay.

psychology is my new favorite subject! yehey. simply because it’s the only class where i laugh the most. the discussions were always humorous and well, there’s… 🙂

L word. i’m watching it right now. and don’t give me that look because even though i think it’s quite illegal to watch it here, they’re not so strict about it. damn shane. >;

oh… i got to get viewing now. 😉