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hello. our chem16 teacher didn’t show up, that’s why i’m up here early doing my usual online activities. hay. i’ve just realized how i’ve grown into such a hopeless romantic. i’m actually close to ending the argument that all cute guys are either a) taken or b) gay. there’s never really a reason for such guys to remain single unless their minds are occupied with the woman or (ehem) man of their dreams. either way, they’re all taken. there are no more cute guys for ugly twerps like me. and i won’t settle for someone ugly either. not that my standards are high, but i’m not usually attracted to ugly men. i’m being a selective ugly bitch here.

nonetheless, i believe that someday all the romantic goodness i am being deprived of right now will turn into good karma. i’m not rushing into having a relationship, in fact it never crossed my mind. i just want to feel the feeling of having someone so crazy in love with you that he even went out of the borders of sanity by having your name henna-ed on his arm. take note- in big bold caligraphized letters that almost occupied half of his arm. i found that action really sweet it made me jealous. of all the names, why does it have to be mine when it’s not really for me? >.< anyway, even though he looks quite like justin of full house, the fact that he's taken already turned me off. i have no regards to men who are firsthand taken. hehehe. this is just your very usual stupid teen love-life ramblings that in whatever angle you peep through will always sound shallow and conceited. i’m just making most of my teen life. i want flowers too. =<