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good news. remember my other other entry where i was fuming about the debarked trees? THEY WERE NOT KILLED AT ALL! i was right when i said the debarkers were stupid, heck they really are. seems like they don’t know how to debark at all which only left the trees with ugly looking scrapes on their barks but at least they’re ALIVE! the leaves are still a lush shade of green and never did i see ‘dying’ syptoms or something of the sort. thank you Lord. thank you so much. thank you for not killing the trees. thank you for making those debarkers stupid. here you can see a concrete example of how stupidity, sometimes, has its bright side. hooooooorah.

guess where i am?? haha where else, i’m back in elbi. >.< well, it's monday again tomorrow. hopefully it'll be great! yey to my optimism! i'm excited for FRIDAY! you know, FRIDAAAAAAY!!! yehey. FRIDAY should be the BIG BREAK for me after taking our 3rd chem16 long test. the creeps mehn. you don't know how nervous i am of my standing. i borrowed a chem book in the library (first time mehn!) and damn it weighs a kiloton. o_O of course i'm exaggerating but that's how it feels! at least it was good, it made me understand all those redox junk that i'm desperately trying to absorb during classes. and ate venice lend me her zumdahl too, good thing it was a paperback edition or else it'll add up another kiloton in my bag. grrrr... hey. i failed the second chem16 lab test. yeah, i’m a bit sad but at least i’m only 7 points behind the passing score unlike our first lecture exam where i was… wait… uhm… 23 points behind passing. yahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaa. i’m crushless again. my crushes don’t seem to last for long in my mind. i tire easily. is it a problem that i easily get bored with the same guy? i feel like a potential cheater. i feel like i’m someone who can’t stand being with the same guy forever. and to think that if i marry young, i’m going to spend more than 50% of my remaining lifeline with the same guy. right now, i don’t think i can take that fact yet. but who knows. haha it’s part of being young. jdskwehahdyuhgjhuywyshuyahdnwushu