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the 10 virtues

it’s the coldest i’ve ever felt in my whole life and i haven’t been to baguio. anyway i’ve been eating a lot. come on, we need all the body heat we could get and according to the concept of bodily thermodynamics, the combustion of glucose (found in carbohydrates) produces heat. hence it’s a fallacy that you shouldn’t eat ice cream when it’s cold. hah. whatever.

so. you see the image above? i created that january 22 while, as usual, studying. it’s on a 3×5 index card and i have just also uploaded it to my devart account. yey.

what happened this week? i already told you i’m phoneless for a week but it doesn’t matter because i just proved i can survive a week without it – but still i can’t deny the fact that i’m anxious to read my flooded inbox and i miss my alarm tone. hehehe.

you know my favorite internet shop in elbi? primelink solutions? i was so ashamed of what happened one day that i couldn’t anymore gather enough guts to go back there and play. i just infected their computer with a virus! if you’re crazy about this silly shallow thing here’s how: so per usual i brought my mp3 player/usb drive to get some songs (because there, limewire is legal and they’re even promoting their newly acquired download accelerator which enabled me to download 6 songs simultaneously in less than 15 minutes). ok so while i was surfing, the computer hanged. i panicked inwardly because i was the closest to the counter and the staff is just behind me. to make things worse, kuya (the cute kuya) and the other kuya (yung masungit) are starting to make a fuss about the computer maintenance, customer guidelines and other virus chorva (!!!) but i pretended not to hear (credits to: headphones). eventually i asked for help. so kuya (the cute kuya) restarted the computer and scanned my usb. and alas! he found 6 infected files. after a couple of clicks – which seemed endless to my melting pride – the files were healed and he allowed me to revert back to my web itineraries (which basically sums up to only two things – games and download). how kind. i was so ashamed. crush ko panaman si kuya. but you the know the feeling of wanting to leave but cannot because you’re stuck on the chair by the imaginary superglue of guilt and shame???? exactly my dear friends. i was anxious to leave but found it hard to even reach for my purse and stand. but thank God, a snide comment from the other kuya (yung masungit) finally made me jerk up and leave. i hard him say, “bat pinayagan mo pa mag-surf?” grrrr ka. i hate you. i super hate you.

so i made my way to the counter, which is only two steps from where i was and paid. i apologized sincerely to kuya (the cute kuya) and even said na sa sobrang hiya di na ko babalik (kahit na deep inside i want to come back T_T;;) but he only replied na, pag di ka bumalik mawawala files mo. ♥

e wala naman akong files dun. >.< lesson learned: always, ALWAYS scan whatever you stick on the ports before using. you might just end like me who regretted the day i was chucked out of the list of primelink’s regular customers (ako lang yan).