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slow torture

our idiot of a homeowner’s president just did the worst thing he could afford to do in his entire (and not to mention dire) term. he hired stupid men to debark the 2 biggest trees in visayas avenue. if you ask me, or if you’re living here in our poorly led subdivision, you would damn these people to hell. those trees stood tall for years! they bloom with fresh leaves and give shade to cars that went nuts. they’re the only alive trees in that pathetic jogger’s lane, and now they just gave me a reason to hail visayas avenue as the most pathetic jogger’s lane. how could you eliminate trees in a place where people gather every morning to breathe in fresh air? come on, who in their right minds would debark a tree that does no harm. it was totally uncalled for, unsolicited and very very very stupid. first, there are no electric wires around the tree so it shouldn’t be an issue that when the branches sway, the cables snap. second, the whole of visayas avenue’s fresh air relies on those gigantic trees that our very stupid president killed. and third, what did the tree do to him? as far as i’m concerned he doesn’t live anywhere near that street where the mighty tree reigns so he doesn’t have enough basis to call it an eyesore. and well, since when did trees become an eyesore? that’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard! and what? he claims that the roots of the tree are breaking the cement on the gutter! oh please. you can’t afford a bag of cement to patch that stupid gutter up that’s why you chose to just kill the tree? that’s ridiculous! you lost more than you gain!

what’s utterly depressing about this thing is the way the trees are being robbed of their lives. we’re not talking about chopping it through chainsaw but DEBARKING the poor trees. the process of scraping the outer and protective layer of a tree’s bark. when it happens, it is expected that the tree would die in more or less 3 months! it’s the cruelest thing to do to trees! 3 months of slow and pitiful agony. i cannot bear to watch it suffer like that! can you? it’s like a cancer that’s slowly killing every cell in a body. how would the tree survive like that especially that’s it’s super cold right now. i can’t help but feel emotional over this traggic news. i can actually picture how the tree will look like by summer. =( it will be the most depressing sight in the whole of visayas avenue.

i want him imprisoned!