A very personal blog


life has been tremendously hostile at me. first i left my phone back in our house, which is a good two hours away from here, meaning i am totally devoid of communication from my friends far from here. there’s nothing wrong with it, i guess. it’s just one week, and come to think of it, i just saved myself a hundred bucks for the prepaid. hehehe. whew. then there’s the chem test. i just figured out i got a certain number wrong. problem number 2 regarding the partial pressures. damn damn damn. i don’t know where i went wrong, all i know is that i am guaranteed a deduction of 15 points… plus 20 because i got another problem wrong, so that’s 35 points already! and there’s a slim chance i’d get the true or false questions right so… urgh. nevermind. wow. depressing. totally depressing. so much for the happy endorphins i’m so desperately trying to grow.

i hate it when everything seems to crumble easily on my feet. things like this should be taken seriously, heck we’re talking about my grades and my obvious candidacy for delinquency here, but i don’t know where to start. i’m afraid i won’t be able to build up a good future here. sad is, i can’t imagine a good future for me anywhere. what should i study then? where should i specialize?

on the bright side of it all, i received an email from someone asking for permission to translate my fanfic to Russian for some Russian-speaking website. aww, i was flattered. come on, who wouldn’t?

life here is becoming detrimental to my mental health. i am being soaked of things i can’t absorb and drowned in a foreign sea for the sharks to feast upon. someone help me. please please just give me a good grade. that’s all i ask. a satisfactory grade in math and chem. mehn.

i’m giving up the acer ferrari. the price is a whooping 129,000 at the least!! haha screw it. i’ll just buy a cheaper laptop and adorn it with a ferrari sticker. much better.

oh yeah. i had a major system restoration within me days ago. i’m back to the usual grayscale blur of a love life. hahahaha.