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i though it's a zero!

but it was a 3! an equally disappointing 3/10! well at least it broke the record. i’m not super sad. but i’m kind of feeling emo right now. you know what i’m listening to? huwag mo nang itanong – mymp. tsk. i can totally relate to the first line. hahahaha. mehn. first line lang!! hehehe.

anyway. i finally got another fic idea!!!! okay, i won’t spill yet since chances are i won’t have enough time to spare nosebleeding over the first chapter. but the good thing is, it’s tragic and i love tragic endings. it’s based on a movie. hahaha. weeee. and obviously it’s gonna be harryXdraco. yeah. i’m so excited.

oh damn. PE again tomorrow!!! i don’t exactly hate PE, but part of why i’m trying to avoid PE is because i’ve gotten myself used to the (semi) fact that i can’t run anymore. and it hurts so much to limit your legs to only brisk walking and jogging. but just recently, i’ve just proved to myself that i can run! not just run but SPRINT. the actual ability i was so scared of losing. yeah. it was the night of the chem16 lab test and jonathan and i walked home together. we were just talking and laughing and scaring each other until we suddenly ran! haha, i had to chase him and that’s when i realized, holy guacamoleeee i can ruuuunnn!!!!! yehey. hmm. but i have to make sure the stupid meniscal tear has totally healed itself (or at least went close to it) before i can fully enjoy this freeedooooomm!!!!

i can’t wait to go home. i want to go to the fair (sa holy). hmmph.