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new layout

pretty much only the color scheme has changed. red is still my favorite color. i just want to see something new. hope it works well in your browsers, though i wouldn’t count that much with firefox and other browsers.

we had our field trip in tagaytay… awhile ago. we left here (in los banos) at 730am and we came back at around 830pm. it was fun. really fun. psy1 is now my new favorite subject! cheers to that. haay. the field trip made me momentarily forget that i have two exams on tuesday, a math and a chem lab. i’m still looking for reasons to continue living you know. arrgghh. i’m feeling nervous for my chem standing. grrr… i feel so stupid.

vegetarian food is great. in fact we had vegetarian adobo for breakfast and i swear, you wouldn’t even suspect that the ‘beef’ is not beef at all. =)

it’s just now that i noticed a certain classmate. i never really knew we were classmates until i saw an ‘arianne’ henna-ed on his arm. of course it’s not me, when i first saw it i was like “ha?” so okay. it must be his girlfriend. hehe.

but come on, who wouldn’t want her name tattoo-ed (or henna-ed on a lighter note) on her man’s arm? NOT ME. hahaha.

weeee… gotta study!