A very personal blog

where do i begin…

i’m home! you’ll probably read that statement once a week whenever i chance upon an internet connection here in our house. i’m so glad i’m back. it’s a very long weekend for us! i couldn’t be anymore happier. the bus ride was extremely nauseating and i was suppressing the urge not to throw up. it was hell. i’m not a fan of bus rides (unless we’re on a field trip).

i forgot to greet you all a HAPPY VALENTINES!!!!

now back to my ever shallow entry…
good news. i got a perfect score on our PE1 long test. bad news. who would be proud of that? i’m not. PE’s not counted in our curiculum, it’s mainly for compliance sake. and it’s not even going to raise my general weighted average. grr… but on the bright side, it’s nice seeing your name on the top notchers list. hell yeah.

i still suck in chem. and i know there’s a way for me to turn the tables, only i’m too fickle minded to know how.

so my throat is killing me and it’s my own stupid fault why i’m banned on sweets this hearty-heart season. look, my throat is sore and i have this feeling that it’s also scratched. whenever i yawn my throat goes to a painful stretch and i couldn’t bear it. it’s like an open wound being stretched. ouch mehn. good thing my fever’s gone and i only have to deal with this stupid sore throat and a more stupid colds.

speaking of colds, a majority of people in our campus is sick as well. if not a mild fever, they’re all wheezing their noses out. i also found out it’s because of the drastic change of weather. first thing in the morning you’d be freezing like hell and then next thing you know you’re being grilled by the scorching heat. and thus, since we’re very fragile human beings, we get sick.

aah whatever. so what’s up with my valentines? mehn it was damn BLANK. i’m not expecting anything anyway. i just feel jealous of all the people whom i pass by carrying bouquets of flowers and heart-shaped balloons. hahaha.

hmm. i made another LJ account. just so i could read mika’s entries and read my other friend’s entries as well. http://livejunk.livejournal.com