A very personal blog

everybody’s well aware that today marks the most anticipated event for this month. it’s valentines day! by now you should be thinking what a bore i am that on this festive day i chose to go online rahter than pay a hundred bucks on speed dating and another 20 bucks to have my crush’s picture taken by a paparazzi (they’re just two of the fun things you could spend your money on this valentines and yes they’re available in our campus, for now) but that’s life. i mean, this is my life. i have no valentines. awww. well, this is just one of the many curses i have to bear with for being an incredulous muse of nonsense. hehehehe.

hmmm. i’m in love with the teleserye Sana Maulit Muli! in fact i’m watching it right now through youtube! yehey. ♥

ehem. i’m not bitter! hahahaha