A very personal blog


i’m sick. i have tonsilitis, yun lang naman sakit ko e, so much for valentines. grrr… ate theresa texted me 12:01 am she said the ryan and juday are so sweet in the lovapalooza last night. i’m so down. really really down. and chances are ryan won’t be taping with y!speak anymore so i have to bear dj mo twister and his weirdly frank antics. bianca g. would be good enough consolation for ryan’s absence. how i wish.

it’s 5:30, i’m still at home. we should be in the bus terminal now but turns out i just woke up like.. now. i’m not yet finished studying for our philo exam and i haven’t flipped even a single page of my chemistry book for tomorrow’s test. so many things to do and i feel really week. damn. oh i know why. i ate a lot of sweets last week. i remember i ate 4 bars of chocolate, 3 slices of cake and drank a lot of coffee so… heh no wonder.

on the bright side of it all, i’ll be going home this wednesday because we don’t have classes on thursday and friday due to the ‘palarong uplb’. yehey. and on saturday night i’ll be going back to elbi again for our psy1 fieldtrip. >.< sad. crush ko na si john lloyd! (but not like ryan. wahehehe) his super giant billboard in SM north is just… swoon-worthy. he’s so cute. if helen is the face who launched a thousand ships then john lloyd has the smile that melted a thousand girls and *_____ is the guy who provoked a dorm war* of course you can’t relate! hehe. we’ve been planning war tactics during kim’s birthday and i was hailed as virus girl/trojan queen because of the virus incident on primelink solutions. my other dormates have been promoted from being syokoys as well. hahaha. we have dyusa, bangs curtis, reyna bidog, 2nd princess, goldilocks, rouge, sleeping beauty, thumbellina, jj the explorer, belle, psuedo dyusa… blah blah blah. yeah, it was fun. and we’re all going to war against ___ just because reyna bidog saw his one-and-only with a rather pretty girl from the other dorm. LoL. you know it’s all a joke.