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i'm trying to make sense here

we’re all confused! everybody goes through this stage of confusion of whether or not they are really suited for the course they’re in. i have only one advice, we’ve only just begun. we’re only freshmen students! we’re rushing things up! we’re still subject to further adjustments and it will continue to annoy us. look at the upperclassmen, try to interview them, you’ll realize they’re just like us when they started… they’re all excited on the first day but come one or two semesters, they go cursing their courses like hell. but they all surived, yeah they did, they went through it one way or another… and look at how they spend their junior years. they seem so laid back and fully-adjusted. someday we’ll be like them. we’ll get used to the pressure that’s deforming our morale. we’ll bloom! yehey.

i’m not saying i won’t shift. i’m still thinking about it. i’ve taken a generous amount of online quizzes and all of them gave suggested i venture into the world of art. but upon checking myself, although i would rather draw graphics than plot coordinates, i cannot carry my passion for drawing to a higher level. it’s only a hobby and i don’t want to pursue it because if i do, my style will be limited to what my professors teach me, i will be pressured to do a plate i’m not interested in and… i don’t think i’d earn much. -_-;; whew. besides, i’m starting to like chem. yes i do but it doesn’t mean it’ll like me back. i’m learning a lot of things. things i never considered my mind is capable of grasping. it’s a whole new world for me. and even though i’m failing, it’s a flattery to know that i can master (in a couple of years time) a field i’m foreign to.