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they had it coming

two days to go before my sister’s 18th birthday. we’re not throwing a debut party, it’s too impractical at this point of time. imagine during that week (this week) i have three long tests, and she has her own list of schoolworks to toil over. no party. just a simple blowout at the dorm. yeah, that would do. as her sister, i’m feeling obliged to do something for her. but what? i want balloons on the ceiling and a banner on the wall. i want a giant birthday card for her too. hay plans. but how am i going to do it? she’ll be wanting my company for the ordering of foods and i’ll be busy doing stuff with her haay, nevermind, i can do it. excited na nga ako eh.

anyway. my LJ account is active once again, but the juice will still be dispensed here. i’m considering putting up some of my formal compositions there. stuff i write in school and a couple of poems. not that they’re good, i just don’t want them disappearing in the hard drive. besides, i’m a master of incoherent thoughts and off-grammar ramblings, so there isn’t anything to be proud of. even i can’t understand myself when i write something formal.

my sister went ahead of me to los banos because she has a meeting to attend. so while i’m here i plan to study a bit in math17, fix my things, and maybe drop by fcm to buy something. oh well. maybe the balloons won’t come in handy when i go back there (hell, she’ll notice) so i’ll think of something else. by the way, i was so proud of myself when i’ve finally memorized the cations and anions (w/ charges) for our lab manual. i got a lot of inspiration from God, seriously. plus, he gave me a a bottle of nutella so while studying i was on chololate high and i couldn’t help licking my fingers clean of the sinfully delicious treat.

hmm. i’m afraid i lied when i said i’ve finally freed myself from the zahir. the truth is, i’m not yet over it. i feel sad whenever i think he’s leaving and that i’ll be stuck here alone in the dread. which is why i want to finalize my goals. i don’t want to do something i’m not inclined to. help me Lord.

if you have been there, i guess that would have done the same.