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comic striiiiiiip!

i made this january 7 while studying for chem16. half of the bond paper used was filled with junk computations while the other half was used to produce this yet another fruit of thy boredom, now with added inspiration (coming from the text message itself, if you’ve ever received it :D). hehe. i love the message. it’s so cute. i wonder if someone’s ever done this before, i mean the whole romantic interpretation of a very common signboard (here). hahaha.

it’s friday and i’m home! i should be sleeping right now but i decided to go online first. i have exactly 20 minutes before my load expires. anyway, we went to sm megamall awhile ago to buy my sister’s giftS. we’re looking for a pink high-cut chuck taylor’s sizes 7-7 1/2 – but we failed to. no sizes available, and SHE won’t take anything but pink or hot pink. so demanding it freaks me out. if it wasn’t for her birthday (her 18th birthday to be exact) i’ll be scolding her for pressuring all of us just for an uber expensive sneakers. i’ve nothing against the mighty chucks (in fact i’m planning on buying one myself) but we’re just so tired. we practically toured every sports shop including the department store but dear old fate won’t cooperate. in the end we just bought her a little dog stuffed toy from toy kingdom (which she chose over a microbeaded pig). wow ha, that is so 18-ish. aside from that, my parents already put 50thou investment on her account. and tomorrow, she’s going to continue her quest to find the perfect shoe. and i’m going with her! yey. weeeeee.

i have a lot of things to study!!! i have three exams next week, math17, chem16lab and psy1. yehey. good luck to meeee!!!

happy weekend!!!