A very personal blog

home at last!

nothing is more stress-relieving than going online – if you’re in my case. =) but then, i’m not really stressed! at least i think i don’t look stressed. hahaha. i’m deleting my account in LJ – for good. i don’t see a reason keeping it anyway. and i don’t want more blogs to manage. yey.

this week:
i had fun at the most! i always do. i keep it a point to enjoy everything and laugh at the smallest things because it will keep me healthy and immune to illnesses. seriously. july has been a great help, she always keeps me laughing. =D then there’s the chem16 lab test i’ve been talking about. i don’t know my standing yet, i guess i answered some problems right but i didn’t observe the significant figures. hahaha. ok lang. to shift or not to shift is still the question. hehehe.

haay. at last, i’m getting tired of siomai rice! haha, it’s time to move on for another cheap alternative. as long as i eat a meal with a banana (w/c accdg. to research has an anti-depressant agent) i’ll stay happy! hahaha. but it doesn’t mean i’ll live a worry-free life. in fact, i’m having jitters over our 2nd chem16 long test which our teacher said was 3 times harder than the first test. which means i’ll probably get a score three times lower then. wow ha. hahaha. it’s not funny, i’m worried as much as my classmates are. i’ll just do what is due.

for the meantime, i’m happy that i’m still receiving reviews from my last fic. it’s somewhat bolstering my ego. but hell, no matter how much i get of them, it won’t help me pass chem16. hahahaha.

a dormmate asked me one night, athletic or musically inclined? hmm. i chose athletic. but at some point i want to consider both. hmmm. ewan. basta athletic, para masaya! i was never turned on by musically inclined men anyway. they just interest me because we’re the same. i still go for the jocks. i seek adventure in the confines of my average life. e diba ganun sa chic-lits? it’s the average girl who gets the jock. hahaha. besides, i’ve just proven that compatibility plays little role in nurturing ‘love’ – it just deepens the friendship. i go for the ‘opposites attract’ because they get more surprises and romance. you get real adventure. there’s so much room for learning.. basta. ehehehe.

i’m having fun reading the section ‘sketchpad’ from the campus newspaper. hillarious!!!! a new look at gays. yeah, i love it. i’m want more updates from Luigi! hahahaha. there’s a character designing contest sponsored by the up painters club i want to join but i lost my mojo when i saw the displays on a stray bulletin board. i realized i couldn’t draw anime anymore. hehehe. either way, it’s not a bad thing i lost my addiction to anime because at some point i was the one who purposely isolated myself from it. weee… i’m still addicted to coffee.