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happy happy new year!

first post for the year! hahaha. like you can stop me from posting, anyway.

hello 2007. be good to me ok? according to the Chinese Horoscope, people born under the year of the Horse will get good luck! yeah! thanks pig. yay.

so last night, the view from our rooftop was extra spectacular. hahaha. oh because our neighbors from the back bought a LOT of fireworks and so when they sparked them off the fireworks blew a colorful display right on top of heads! it’s the closest i’ve ever been to a fireworks display!!

i wasn’t at all dismayed at the fact that we didn’t open all the lights and windows (because of the stink and the smoke), jumped at 12 midnight, or even bought anything to welcome the Pig. it was normal in our family to just stay at the rooftop during new year’s eve and gape wondrously at the marvelous display unfolding right in front of us. it’s a good thing we have a rooftop. we saved a LOT. it’s like those people who used fireworks are doing us a great favor.

i can’t say it’s the best new year for me. i was so tired the whole day. sunday morning we went to church, then we dropped by the grocery, then headed home. from there, i didn’t go back to sleep like i usually do. i have to prepare our food!! my sister’s suffering from her monthly curse and i was left to do the ref cake and the baked trivelli (kasi hindi sha macaroni. haha) alone. i enjoyed it anyway. nothing beats cooking for your family. awww. hehehe.

so by around 10, i texted every non-globe user in my phonebook a happy new year before i subscribe to unlimitxt for the rest of the day. haha. then we drank!! yeah. my dad and i shared the fundador while my mom and sis went for the sangria. theeeen… KARAOKE!

oh dear! i wasn’t drunk… i was just high!!! and i sang the most. sucks because we don’t a magic mic so we have to settle for the old school karaoke disks that doesn’t score and jumps when you’ve used it for a long time. funny, my dad was singing ‘tell laura i love her’ and when the chorus came.. “tell Laura i—-” the cd skrewed off. haha so we were like…. WAHAHAHAHEHEHEHEHEAAAHAHAHAHA ANOOOOOO DAAW?? HAHAHAH!!!! heh. whatever. so from 10 to 12 i sang and sang. then from 12 we went up to the rooftop. around 1am we went down to eat! yeah! so basically we just have baked trivelli (hehe) and ref cake on the table along with some plastic fruits, a loaf of bread and a pack of caramel popcorn. nothing much diba??? but i loved it.

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no classes till january 3???? what joy.