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friday i'm in love

i'm posting this entry through mail. blogger is currently on downtime (maybe it's just me but the person beside me is also having the same problem) so i thought it better to just mail it for now.


this day has been terrible. i got a 37/100, a zero, a nerve-racking headache and a mild fever. details further below. but please take note that while the abovementioned series of unfortunate events should put me in utter depression and give me suicidal tendencies, i am proud to say that neither of them successfully penetrated my nerves. remember, i'm a very optimistic being… i've taught myself to filter things so that i'd somehow manage to save my sanity in this murderous university.

37/100. the reason why i'm not depressed over this is because it's already EXPECTED. yes. i know firsthand that i don't stand a chance to pass the first long test. i studied, but well… let me say this peanuts quote once again, 'just when i discovered life's answers, they changed the questions.' yeah.

zero. to tell you the truth (and boastness aside), this is the first time in my whole life that i got a zero on a quiz. yeah and the closest i got to it is a 1 which is just as pathetic but then the teacher back then was so kind she gave me a point for the effort and ink. this was also the quiz where i got everything wrong from the question, the answer and the paper.

nerve-racking headache. from the moment i woke up until after our chem16 lab (that's 1pm), my stomach was empty. and even if i ate during snack time it was easily consumed because of our experiments awhile ago which involved a lot of thinking and computations (so much for the labgown i so desperately borrowed). i'm such an airhead when it comes to naming compounds and acids,combining elements and their charges and the whole junk about memorizing the cation and anions from the periodic table. in short, bobo ako sa chem. the two previous terrible things are enough to prove it.

mild fever. mild lang. don't worry. i just don't feel fine after the chem16 lab that i almost want to collapse. maybe it's because of the rain. aw mehn.

yehey. but at least the 7-10pm lab scheduled for today was cancelled forever. haha. and look! it's friday tomorrow! i can't wait to go home!!

mehn. sometimes i wonder if need to scale down my optimism (or whatever it is that makes me happy despite the world crumbling down on my feet) so that i'll be alarmed enough to take action of my negligence.