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adsense terminated

it’s been more or less two months since i started earning through adsense (no i haven’t received my first paycheck… but i should be if only–). during those two months i’ve accumulated a total of around 280 clicks and $35… which roughly amounts to P1750 here in and is more than enough to pay for 5 units of my summer classes. however, due to my own stupidity – or rather this is karma’s payback trick on me- i have carelessly comitted invalid clicks. honestly, i have been breaking the adsense terms and conditions ever since i started and in the first place, i am not legally allowed to participate in it – agewise. i just want to try it. i should be arrested. lol. i just turned myself over.

so it’s over. i’m not sad. two days ago i received the account deactivation notice and i was surprised. but i easily got over it thinking that either way it wouldn’t do me any good. besides, i’m breaking the law so i should be treated accordingly. i’m spilling a lot already. anyway, no more adsense. no more clicks. so don’t ask.

i just came back from los banos. the internet connection there has gone bonkers. every internet hub i enter have poor access to blogger and most of my personal pages like in devart and ffnet. i’m beyond pissed. yeah, it’s worse that having the termination of my first online business. so i have no choice but to leave the node and walk silently back to the dorm keeping in mind a hopeful thought that tomorrow will be a good day for the servers to function better so… i’ll be back. hahaha.

onga pala. we watched pat (dorm-mate!) in game knb? awhile ago. hehe… she didn’t win but i swear, she got most of the atras powers of the other players. hehehe. talagang pinilit ko manood! hahaha.

hmmm. aside from that nothing else happened! except that i just broke my new year resolution number 1 (quit nailbiting). hahaha. eh ang weirdo ko talaga eh.

surprise surprise. my parents are planning on buying us a new laptop. yay. i’ve been saving for it because i want my OWN… but since my parents are buying it i have to share it with my sister. hay. pwede na rin.