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patching up

i want someone to yell GET A LIFE in front of my face. if you notice, i’ve been blogging almost everyday since the christmas break… like i have a lot to tell when in fact nothing much is happening in my life. really. and i’m surprised that i actually managed to write something. hehehe.

oh this is going to be my last entry for the year! cheers to that.

since 2006 is going to end anytime soon i’m going to follow the bandwagon of people who write resolutions, acknowledgements and apologies. just for the mere pleasure of having something to blog about.

♥ new year’s resolutions

1. i’ll, hopefuly, quit biting my nails.
– actually during the vacation i’ve grown them! long enough for my taste but still short compared to others. i have short fingers and when my nails grow past them they easily catch dirt since there’s no skin beneath it. i hate it when that happens so i always say it’s better short and clean than long and dirty. and when it gets long i, out of a silly habit, bend them with my thumb until it cracks. then poof. they’re gone once again and i have to swear, for the nth time, that i’ll let it grow. so, in the name of this blog… i solemnly swear i’ll TRY to leave my nails alone and mind my own business (of growing them).

2. stop procastinating.
– it’s an illness! a lethal one that could kill your academic life!!! i’m struggling to keep it from getting into my genes and being passed on to my err… future kid. uggh. we all hate ourselves when we procastinate but what’s better than warming up your braincells a bit before diving into a whirlpool of homeworks?

3. save $$$.
– where’s money when you need it? unless you’re filthy rich and arrogantly wealthy, i’d guess you’ve said that line at least once (or twice and more) in your lifetime. i swear i’m going to save half of my allowance every week to be able to accumulate enough money to buy a killer laptop.

♥ apologies

hehe. i know i’ve hurt someone one way or another but the thing is… i can’t remember! weh. it’s either *i’ve already said sorry or *i’m not aware i hurt someone. to all those i’ve bashed before (whom i’ve apologised to already), i don’t think i deserve to give them a second apology. once is enough. don’t get used to it. i’m just being fair and it’s different from being generous. SORRY is a very sacred word to me, and when it comes out of my mouth i mean it! i don’t just apologise because the ocassion calls for it.

either way.
heh. labo.

♥ thank you!

there’s so much to be grateful for!! this year has been really eventful. yeah, to the point of me blogging almost everyday as if something noteworthy always happens. GOD is and always will be on the top of my credits list. in fact He’s given me way too much optimism and inspiration to push through life regardless of its hostile way of welcoming me.

thanks to all the people who contributed to my graduation. i mean, to those helped me earn my diploma and not trip on the stage. those include… my friends, family, peers and counselors. mehn, you’re the best. hi five!

thank you… mommy and daddy. i was the result of your love-making. lol. at least you love me and will always do. i love you too. aww. cheesy.

thank you… my sister! yeah terai! most of time i feel like you act so unlike your age, so childish but you’ve always been here for me. without you i’m lost. seriously. if you hadn’t taught me beforehand the shortcuts from math building to humanities and from registrar’s to the dorm, then… i’m dead. thanks for keeping my secret. my dear dear secret that shouldn’t be spilled in the dorm.

thank you… my dear co-muses. we’ve proved ourselves better than sex. hahaha. thanks for all the laughter and joy. i laugh hardest when i’m with you. you’re my cure!!

thank you… college friends. you taught me a lot. you see, i was an idiot when i came to the university, now i can safely say i’m a partially-learned woman (and will still learn some more). you’re the reason why i still hadn’t killed myself on the 3rd day of school. and you’re also the reason i didn’t cry when i got a 5.

thank you… dorm mates. you make me feel at home.

heh. basta thanks to everyone who has been part of my life. hah. how cliche.

and lastly, thank you Blogger for publishing this entry.

a toast to 2007.