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each day has enough troubles on its own

i’m starting to feel really odd about myself. i wish instead of being a rotten engineering student i should’ve pursued my abnormal fancy for computers and took, against all odds, computer science. it’s the only course i THINK i would enjoy despite its own antagonistic air. it’s the only course i THINK i would appreciate even when professors kept on bombarding us with loops and strings to trip us over. it’s the only course where GEEKS are given a new definition. they’re not people who go to school with the weirdest clothing line and carry the heaviest books. GEEKS, in this department walk with effortless fashion and speak like geniuses. Coming from Einstein, “Great Minds Think Alike” and indeed, you cannot simply mingle with these people if you do not know their language… which make them seem higher than the rest of us yet so isolated from the real world. they secretly plot for world domination using the one thing most of us are illiterate in. Codes.

that’s exactly how i want to spend my college life. it’s the only place where looks are utterly deceiving.

i’m so confused. one day i’d say i really want to be a com arts student, then comp sci then business major… then journ. then fine arts. then… maybe i should be an out of school youth. heh. not likely but still. you don’t know how detrimental it is to my wilting health to think about my futuuuuurrrreeeee.

do i even have one?