A very personal blog

oh the mood

wee. nothing much. i just feel like blogging. like usual.

warning: rants and raves on this particular entry are extremely shallow. read at your own risk.

i’m not wearing my watch now. and i feel so weird and uncomfortable. i’ve grown accustomed to glancing at my right wrist every once in a while to check the time and now i’ve got nothing to depend on. now i have to cock my head to the left to keep sight of the wall clock and strain my neck with doing so. i know you know how it feels to lose something you’re so fond of. i’m not putting in practical applications here. yeah but it feels wierd not to have a watch tied on your wrist.

i’m excited to draw. i bought 2 metallic pens awhile ago (pink and blue) and i’m just so eager to do another version of my playing-card sized bookmark. thing is, i forgot to buy a black pentel pen. grr. just imagine the coolness of it. pink and blue metallic pens on a black paper. i’m so excited.

i realized. Blue (don’t give me that look) taught me one of the most important things i have to consider in life (aside from how to pitch a softball properly and how to hold the bat when you’re on the homebase. ooh memories) and that is to ‘live life to the fullest’. it has become my motto ever since i read it in her profile. weh. hehehe

it’s weird not having your wallet around. but for me, it’s weirder not having a watch.

brad pit is the 100th sexiest man on earth. i can’t believe it. he could’ve made it to the top 10 but 100th? who are you kidding? perhaps they haven’t watched Troy yet.