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xmas rule #1: thou shalt not weigh more than thy refrigerator

yehey. i love this day. thank you Lord for granting my wish of a ‘different’ christmas! i met a very special friend today! si mannie!!! my bestfriend since grade 2! we haven’t met in like, 5 freakin years and i was so happy when she surprisingly texted me that she’s in Ever today! i was like, “weh? nasa Ever din ako!” hahaha. so meet meet. though it was a short encounter, i still loved that moment. it’s not always that you meet a very special person! aww, she hasn’t changed! i mean of course she’s still tall, sexy and that charming. yeah and i was like so proud that i didn’t look stunted beside her! hahaha. weh. i just love this day. and wait! there’s more! if you call right now to greet me i’ll be slashing off not 1! not 2! BUT 3 whooping days from your regular schooldays! which means your christmas vacation be extended for not 1! not 2! BUT 3 whooping days. believe me, i can do that.

call now!

aww. my sister’s friend’s boyfriend is just so unreal! he calls his girlfriend to BIBLE STUDY. where do you get someone as religious as that? too rare. she’s so lucky. i never thought there exists a guy like that. just where do you find guys who pave heaven’s path for their girlfriends? lol. sana may ganun pa for me!! wahahahaha.

cge cge.

merry christmas!