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happy christmas everyone! today’s a very tiring day. but i love it. come on, like i have any reason to curse this season. first thing in the morning, like 12 midnight, terai woke all of us. yeah i was so sound asleep, it’s the first time i slept early ever since i entered college and a light tug from my sister broke the record. i got pissed off, she opened the lights and it was blaring in front of my eyes. super bad wake-up call. but then she just came in to give our gifts. i have a new dictionary at last! i’ve been begging for it for years. thanks.

of course i went back to sleep. the following morning (or maybe a couple of hours later) we ate breakfast merrily, it’s really typical there’s nothing special on the table, then went to my aunt’s grave for a short mass since today is her 40th death day. there were just a few of us plus a couple of policemen from my uncle’s mobile unit. then we headed to my uncle’s house for lunch. okay so pretty much we just ate, paid respect to the elders, gave gifts to youngsters then finally went to the rooftop to chill with my cousins. we drank wine then slept at the tent (yeah) under the mango tree (they didn’t cut it down when the rooftop was made) and woke up after a few hours when our little cousin is already sueing us for terrorizing her playground. so we went out of the ‘treehouse’ and ate… again.

blah blah blah blah. weh. i felt guilty for those people i didn’t greet this christmas just because i’m using unlimited text. haha. sorry. sa new year na lang. =)

o sigeeee… merry christmas ulit!