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the cure the cure. they’re so good. i love their music. why hadn’t i idolized them before?

haven’t i told you there’s a party upstairs? guess not. they’re not noisy, that’s NEW. but hey, i can hear the egyptian music background of my bellydancing cd! LoL. so this is, after all, a christmas-slash-workout-party. what the h. i can’t believe i recieved gifts from my dad’s agents. thanks. of course my favorite would be the bar of almond snickers which was mindlessly fed to my monster stomach the moment it was given to me. treat.

whew. i’m semi-hating myself for forgetting my wallet in the dorm. i should be out to the mall this week to buy and check out a few stuff but i’m temporarily broke due to my own negligence. you know what, i could sense this christmas will be boring. we’ll get over the usual family reunion and food indulgence and later on realize that this is exactly what happened last year, except that we’re fewer in number since some have died already and didn’t make it to this season. i want something different. no, i DEMAND this christmas to be different. oh fate, let it be. i want a gift from someone unexpected. a greeting from an old old old friend. an unlikely visitor. perhaps just someone special to knock on our door is good enough. just spare me the usual preparations and expected highlights.

imagine. it’s 3 days before Christmas. we’re not traditional when it comes to this season, usually we just sleep it over and eat gloriously the next day. take New Year for instance, we don’t buy fireworks, we don’t even light up the whole house as superstition says… we just stay awake by midnight and watch the display of lights in our rooftop with utter admiration and awe. we just gape the whole time and when we feel sleepy already, we go down, close the lights and TRY to sleep. boring boring. it’s the food the counts anyway.