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redfox deskpod

i’m in love with another computer! venta5 is selling a RedFox Deskpod for 19,995! it’s using an AMD Sempron 2800+. that’s like an intel Celeron D. The package includes the usual redfox deskpod 17″ flat monitor (available in different colors! hehe). dvd/vcd combo drive. 256mb memory. 80gigs hard drive. keyboard with customized computer shortcuts. speakers, duh, matching the color of your monitor. free webcam w/ speakers. i guess that’s all. 20k lang!

but then come to think of it, operating system installion costs 6k at minimum and i want the xp pro so that’s like 10k. computer table – 1k. printer, i’ll get a 3k worth. and a patented antivirus costs 3k or more. AVR is 500. sheesh that’s an additional 18500 to fully use your computer. mehn, that’s like 40k already.

awww. nevermind. i still want my acer ferrari laptop!