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ang hover

hehe. gets nyo? hang-over yan. hahahaha.

forget to tell… yesterday was ate karen’s birthday! happy birthday!! yehey. so i was spared a bucks worth of dinner. tsk. i ate a lot last night. we had palabok, empanada, chicken and cake. hahaha. nagpainom pa si tita beth! wuhooo. wala wala… san mig light lang. walang kwenta. hahaha. my sister drank two bottles while i only drank one. as usual i went to sleep after watching a rosy life. haha. grabe super bloated! even though i slept late i still don’t think i gave my intestines enough time to grind the food i mercilessly consumed so i woke up in the wee hours of the morning because i can feel my stomach churning. then i threw up. tapos i tried to go back to sleep. my head hurts a lot. hahaha. i had a very very good dream. it’s not always that you dream about your crush, especially when you forgot to pray beforehand. hihihi

but then it wasn’t a hang-over. di lang ako natunawan ng maayos. good thing i was able to take the math test pa. haaay.