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tuesday, wednesday break my heart

i’m home! i’m home! i love this day! my three afternoon classes were postponed so that we can go home early for christmas! yehey. so. we had our first long test in math17. it wasn’t too hard, except that i’m really a borderline idiot when it comes to factoring junk polynomials. i was stuck with one question but anyway, let’s just hope for the best. eng1 was okay. i thought we’re going to have a really long test about christmas trivias (lol. i even had a major recap on popular xmas songs) but she only left us to make a letter for santa. seriously, i don’t believe in santa claus but for the heck of instructions i let myself dive into a child’s brain and pretend to believe in the fat and generous old man who skips chimneys and parks reindeers on rooftops. i’d rather write to Jesus. then came the most depressing subject of all, chem16. oh dear. sermon the whole hour. he even asked us each to write an excuse letter for our ‘poor performance’ during the test. damn. if you we’re in my place, or if you are in his class and you are forced to chase him and his so-called standards, everyday will be a ‘poor performance’. damn right.

he’s not really bragging about his glorious resume and his strict rule for excellence but i’m aching to point out that no amount of credentials can determine a “teacher’s” soul. i don’t know what’s with him. but at the same time i know i have my faults too. i am disappointed at myself, for not meeting his standards and for spoiling his day with my lame excuses. mehn. i don’t want to repeat chem16. waaah. wanted: tutor

terai went ahead of me so i am left to go home alone. good thing there’s jonathan! yehey. so we ate lunch and rode the bus together. i dropped by megamall so we separated there. i was still groggy when i left the bus since i just woke up from my sleep. yeah, i had a dream. secret. hahahaha. i was supposed to do my christmas shopping this day. my plan is to just buy a pack of chocolates for everyone, like usual. kaso, i realized i left my wallet in the dorm and i only have my purse which only contains enough money for the fare. so ayon. enjoy naman. terai is still in the mall by then so we just went home together. i’m not sad. actually i’m thankful. imagine, i was spared an hour of walking pointlessly looking for bargain chocolates. e diba masakit legs ko? so thank you Lord. i just hope nothing fishy happens to my wallet when i come back… next year. hehehe.

aww. i feel so fulfilled as a writer. as a fic writer. err… a slashfic writer. thanks a lot. whenever i open my mailbox and see forwarded reviews from my latest and FIRST completed story after 3 years, i feel so happy. i know it doesn’t compare to those super well-written romantic accounts of harry and draco but you know! the fact that some people liked it and actually went close to crying is heartwarming enough! i think i could go on crushless for a month if i continue to get reviews. which reminds me, i’m not crushless anymore. balik sa dati. sha parin! hahaha. okay lang, i’m not expecting it to go further.

have you seen the hp5 trailer? harry potter has bangs. horrible bangs and very short hair. it’s the worst he looked. i don’t think i could go on picturing happy endings for him and draco because of those baaaannngggsss. for me the best that he looked was in the 3rd installment, prisoner of azkaban. of course draco malfoy always looks good. no sweat trying. hahaha.