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monday you could fall apart

yehey. i’ll be going home tomorrow at last! good thing our make-up lab was re-scheduled or else i’ll be cursing the whole day through. i won’t be going home with my sister because she has other plans. i mean, she’s going home with someone else that stricly requires no sister around. booo. it’s okay. we’ve talked about it. haha. i’ll look for someone else…

the chem16 long test was a killer. but i’m glad i’m not the only who found it utterly tormenting and emotionally demoralizing. it was depressing (not much to me since i’ve faced bigger depressions). it was fucking hard. i don’t think we’re of fault here. i mean, take it from a random peanuts quote. ‘just when i discovered life’s answers, they changed the questions.’ exactly. yeah. but that’s not my point. lol. i’m not even trying to imply one.

so. i’m crush-less once more. i figured out he’s changed. and i’m not liking it. besides, i heard news (it’s more of a gossip actually) that he’s courting someone. ouch diba. it’s hard not to care. but i won’t pry. i’m not that curious.

besides. i still have ryan agoncillo lingering in the dellusional part of my brain. as much as i’d like to make a scandal in his wedding and tear their relationship apart, i know i can’t… for a hell lot of reasons. but damn, he looks so good when he’s with her. blooming. however unsuitable it is to describe a guy as such. whew. good luck na lang.

my arms and thighs hurt. hahaha. our p.e. yesterday was exhausting. i realized that i measured my heart rate wrongly. that’s why it’s unbelievably high to the point of me wanting to believe i’m too clumsy for the bench-step test. ayon. ulit ulit. hmm.

i miss my friends already!! can’t wait for our christmas party! yehey.