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4 days to go

before my christmas vacation officially starts…

we just came back from the mall. actually, church first then mall. ^^;; we bought a lot of things. err… it’s my mom who bought a lot of things, in fact. as consolation for her not getting her MDRT award for this year. yeah, and when we talk about things that compensates for my mom’s terrible mood… we do it in the appliance center. we, or she, bought a water dispenser, another dvd player and another tv (i paid half the tv’s price as promised). good thing Sharp is in a generous mood this season, we also got a free tv rack and an mp3 player… which in turn i gave to my sister as a month-early birthday gift. whew. we decided not to buy the magic mic since.. err.. my parents realized it’s not that useful. i mean, if you don’t know the songs, you’re stuck. there’s no background singer to support you.

i saw a shirt in freeway, the tagline is

‘i’m in love
i don’t care
HE —>
is mine
i don’t share.’

yeah. with the arrow. hahaha. i would love to have it but a.) it’s too expensive for a regular tee b.) i don’t think anyone would want to walk with me if i wear it and c.) i’m not exactly in love like the shirt says. i just like the tagline but it doesn’t really apply to me. hahaha. it’s not the right time, yet. wahehehehe…

so. i hate indulging myself on a sunday, especially when i know we’re having a test the next day. you know me, i see things in the scale of karma. if i become too happy right now, karma would get back at me the next day. eh my long test kami sa chem16. and i haven’t studied yet. yeah. i am that lazy. don’t worry. eventually i’ll change. let’s just hope payback time doesn’t happen between 10-11am tomorrow during our test.

calories! i ate 4 blocks of belgian chocolate and another irresistable drink from starubucks. i’m not on a diet, i just hate myself.

now i’m penniless.
wish me luck. on the exam, i mean.