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adsense alert!

i checked my google adsense report and it says i’ve earned $10.05 already! yehey. thanks for the clicks guys. but you see, i’m still confused with the payment system. i’m so stupid when i wrote my sister’s name on the payee field. i should’ve written my dad’s or mom’s. that way i won’t be bothered with having my sister acquire a TIN and SSS number. oh yes, it’s required. and mind you it’s not tax free. which means my ‘future’ $1000 dollar earning will be deducted approximately 12%? not sure. anyhow. matagal pa yun, after 5, 10, 15 years perhaps? =/

i’m just happy. hehehe. i met a new friend, his name is kim. we met at the bus. actually, he’s also from u.p. hehehe. wala, he’s just so.. er.. articulate to say the least. at first i was just ignoring his comments about the radio. then he starts to sing, by the way the radio station plays classic songs. david pomeranz, queen, sinatra… and he knows them all. as in ALL. consecutively. that’s when vianne and i start to contain our sniggers. i was just too overwhelmed, it feels like he’s memorized all the songs. seriously, i can’t hide it. rudeness aside. that’s when i decided to be civil to him, so that i won’t sound rude laughing at him for knowing the songs. in fact, i was singing bohemian rhapsody too. and you know, we’re in a chorus. hahahaha. ayon befriend befriend. then we get to know each other. he’s a DOST scholar pala, and we both have a common friend or classmate. small world. but then he’s okay. he’s spontaneous, he doesn’t run out of things to say. and we’re amused that we both like retro music. he even offered to give me a cd of his own collection of retro music and says, ‘consider it as a token of appreciation’. as in. how generous. but i kindly refused, seeing that he’d bother walking from men’s dorm to raymundo gate at a sunday evening just to deliver a cd as a token of appreciation? hehehe.

then we dropped my megamall. brownout, so most stalls are dark and some are even using candles. we went to the department store to finally look for my sister’s jacket. we spotted a really nice lee jacket. unfortunately, it won’t fit her. she’s so frustrated. i would personally consider buying the jacket for myself because it fits me well, but hell how would she feel then? -_-;; i decided not to.

then we went home, it’s around 11pm when we finally arrived.

home sweet home.