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i’m starting to enjoy the agony of college life. which means i’m leaning on the masochistic side. hahaha. i don’t like torturing myself but at the same time, if i’m not feeling bad i won’t feel the presence of people who try to make my day feel better. dibaaaaa? i’m not talking about anyone in particular. i just figured being optimistic is the best way to get through life emotionally unharmed. though i know it’s impossible to get through it unharmed. haha. what is life? time? our philo1 class is boring holes in my brain. there are so many simple questions that are so hard to answer simply because it’s self explanatory. in math, it’s the simplest term. in chem, it’s a pure substance which cannot be broken down into simpler forms. that’s what make it so hard to explain, it’s too simple i’m left speechless.

look! i’ve changed! i don’t hate a lot of people anymore. compared to highschool where i keep grudges and secretly bastardize their identities in this blog. ay wait. last night, a friend asked me (through text) about our math homework. so i replied, i typed the freakin [R, +, x] [Q, x, +] [Z, +, x] [Z2, +2, x2] … up to ten operations just so he could do his homework. imagine how painstaking it is to type operations on your cellphone. but he skipped math this morning. nainis talaga ko. grrr… bahala ka. i hate people who are slacking off, nevermind how smart you are.

dibale. oi, di ako galit. naiinis lang. reward reward. megamall later with terai! i can’t wait. oh there’s more, a basic burger from bordo’s (which is the size of a large one from brother’s burgers) and a slice of chocolate cake from mernel’s. haay. make my day. make my day.

ok rin pala dito sa space hub. the last time i surfed in primelink solutions, i downloaded a couple of songs from limewire then suddenly when i was about to log out their norton antivirus popped on the screen and warned me that they spotted a trojan virus in the system. shoot talaga. yan tuloy, nahiya na ko bumalik don. lol.

that’s why i’m here. still have class, bye.