A very personal blog

cheers to the fruit of thy boredom

that is where i spent most of the time during my first 2 weeks in the dorm. i used a torn piece of graphing paper and used the infamous and unoficial campus ballpen, HBW. hahaha. it’s the only thing i could do right other than make myself look like a stoned fish reading our chem16 lab manual. i swear, the lab is killing me. everytime i enter room A-127 and put on my lab gown i feel like a prisoner being held on an electric chair to die. luckily, i’m still alive. so wish me luck.

we just came back from sm north. hehehe. my dad decided to finally buy a new printer/scanner/copier because he’s been having dillemas sending documents abroad through scan and our loser 3rd hand xerox centre gave up on us with a big blow. i understand. it died a natural death and its death only paved way to a new and better beginning in the identity of a newer and more powerful scanner. we bought the hp photosmart c3180. like the previous, it’s also a 3in1. ayos. bagong scanner! so buena mano yang artwork na yan!

and it includes a free cheap looking adidas cap with the hp invent logo at the back. no thanks… but i’m wearing it now.

aww. i’m inspired to draw even more! yehey.