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long weekend!

-i’m home! yehey. the long wait is over!

– at last. i’ve uploaded the last chapter of my fic. whew. ayos. no more nosebleeds! but on the dull side, there are still 2 in-progress fics to be continued and i haven’t got the slightest hint on what to do with them. hahaha… maybe when the 5th harry potter movie arrives i’ll be working with it. maybe…

– for the first time. i tried reese’s peanut buttercups. it was nice but i easily got over the hang of it, it’s too sweet.


such a short week. we just had three days of classes. tuesday afternoon after the chem16 lab… i went back to the dorm then out again to hang out with lau. great day. we are maximixing the uv rays of the noontime heat sitting on a sizzling cement bench of freedom park. it’s the only day i let go of myself like a hyperdriven rabbit. i was so happy that day. only she and my sister understands why. there are two reasons, i got a good grade on our first math17 quiz and the other is something strangely minor yet it kicks me way up to the moon. hehehe

the irony of my sched. after psych i have philo. nakakabobo.

if there’s one subject i want to be chucked out of my reg. form it would be chem16. the lectures are okay (according to my classmates) but to me it’s not. it’s boring holes in my brain. i’m not a science enthusiast. i don’t understand why i don’t get it. it’s very simple (sabi nila). these were the days i wished i graduated at a science highschool. these were also the days i felt really stupid about myself. that i couldn’t stick a simple notion in my brain.

business mgt.+legal mgt.+journ.+fine arts.+comp. sci.+comm arts. = chem. eng.

o sige nga. prove.

happy birthday nez!!!