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this too, shall pass

i deleted the last 2 entries. i don’t know why! hahahahaaa…

i don’t know how to re-start another entry about my nonsense babbles on my first week as a college student. this week has been really eventful, in a sense that everything is new. even what i’m feeling right now is new! and i’m thankful for it. why? because if i hadn’t been feeling this positive heart fluttering emotion then i would’ve killed myself on the third day of school. yeah.

wednesday is hell for me. mainly because of the block meeting. it was totally uncalled for, not to mention useless. i just don’t see the sense in having a block. i was just curious about the thing so i asked my friend.. blah blah… which ended in me joining her block. mehn. i hate it. not because of the people but because of the schedule. 2-3pm is my favorite sleeping time and the freakin block meeting took it from meeeee! and i haven’t stuck my things in my bag so after the block meeting i have to rush to the dorm because i still have classes. and by rush i mean trip over a few stones and blister my toes. jeep is not in my vocabulary.

by the end of the day i have to buy a pack of band-aid to cover up the hideous twerp that practically murdered my foot. damn. i need decent slippers.

but on the bright side, even though the whole week is full of cramming and leg killer escapades, i feel extremely light hearted and err… fluttery? wahahaha. i’m not motivated with my studies, much worse… i’m not inspired with my subjects. come on, i realized the course is NOT for me because i’m a not math wiz and chemistry bores me but somehow, i can’t afford to leave. ewan, someone’s lightly tugging me back. sana lang tuloy tuloy na…

let’s leave the campus.

-i haven’t uploaded the last chapter of my fic, For Always. simply because i’m still hopeful that it will still get reviews. read it! it’s in my ff.net profile here. maybe next week i’ll end it.

-ADSENSE ALERT: i’ve earned $1.43 already! keep on clicking the google ads above. just click, you don’t need to purchase anything. there’s no harm in clicking! to refresh you a bit, i am being paid for your clicks. it’s around $0.1 – $15 per click depending on the ad and when it has reached a certain amount, i guess around $100 or $1000… google will mail me the check!!! hehehe. so keep on clicking!!!!

-i just finished reading a one-shot harryXdraco. michi gave me the link. it was great! one of the best one-shots i’ve read!! i haven’t gotten over harryXdraco. in fact, i am still writing about them! even in my busy schedule.

-i bought 2 new books yesterday. which resulted in me having no savings at all for this week. they’re tuesdays with morrie by mitch albom and the zahir by paulo coehlo. yehey. i’m still looking for eleven minutes. damn.

-i’ve been drawing a lot in the dorm too! if you see me on the chair with piles of books beside me, props lang yun. i told you, i’m not motivated enough to study. lest i always tear a graphing paper from my math17 notebook and doodle. it’s my only stress relief. when i’m done filling the whole page. i’ll scan it for my devart account! yeah… hahaha.

ayos. that sums it all.