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bittersweet symphony

i’m 16 now! yeah, two days ago pa. nothing special. just my usual birthday. got a few gifts, of which i’m so grateful of because like i demanded, they have to be useful. hehehe.

justin timberlake will be hosting this year’s mtv european music award, damn. and i can’t watch. damn damn. i’m dying to find out who the geek is in the music video of paris hilton’s nothing in this world. he’s so cute. his grin? it’s stuck in my head.

oh, i just finished writing my harry potter fic. a 10 chapter 47 paged fic starring draco malfoy as a vampire and harry potter as our usual recessive abused kid. haha, you should be used to me mentioning harry potter slash every once in a while. don’t sue me, you have no right.

i don’t think i’m fully prepared for college yet. i’m afraid that after 7 months of being academically inactive, i won’t be able to absorb the lectures. i’m just scared that i might have turned myself into a dumbhead over the past months. mehn, screw them all.

but on the bright side, i’ll think about it later.