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harry potter can kiss my a**

yesterday was great. i won’t be going out as often anymore come second sem. i have to study you know, make that real hard. i won’t be indulging myself in err selfish treats and luxurious escapades (like i’ve had one. haha) i have to study. i can’t always ask my parents for gimmick money especially that they know i go out a lot. hahaha. when i get my allowance i’ll make sure i’ll save for my own craves. like coffee. and a decent schoolbag.

we were supposed to go bowling last night but there was a competition so the lanes are fully booked. it’s okay, i haven’t touched a bowling bowl, let alone step on a bowling alley, ever since forever. and i didn’t know you have to wear at least a pair of socks to play. so we just went to watch a movie, The Covenant. err, i’ll write more about it in the ‘movies’ section. later.

oh mehn, the guys were HOT. and i mean sooo hot. the title of this post is also our quote for the day. whoever said that? ooooh, it came from one of the ipswitch sons of the covenant, who coincidentally has blonde hair. very draco malfoy-ish. i couldn’t stop gigling on my seat when he said that. the lipsmack between chase and caleb was also a bonus. great, my weird homosexual fetish has leaped a thousand steps. to hell.

dear dear. i’m not anymore interested in ‘harry’. you know, the guy from the church. i’m getting tired of seeing his back. yeah, always his back. why does he have to sit at the front, always? i’m not getting a good view of him. so screw it, i’m more than happy to resume to my usual grayscale blur lovelife. yak, it’s not even love.

good things happen when you light up a foooooortune. you know that cigarette commercial? i wonder why cigarette commercials never change. it’s been ten years and i’ve been hearing the same song and warning forever.

a thousand reasons to thank God. the proof-read version of my 2 fics has arrived. i’m so happy. i thought i couldn’t simply take one’s word for it. but damn, they’re all working! it’s like having your manuscript edited by cheerful editors then published by scholastic! haha, dream on. but it feels that way, especially when you finally get a good feedback. make that feedbackS.

haaay. this month’s a blast. every week someone from the barkada celebrates her birthday! karla-7, me-16, jami-22, nez-30. nice, party the whole month. lol, ako lang di maghahanda! hahaha. and that’s the reason why mom is reprimanding me against going out. come on, i’m just making the most of my 7 month break! no regrets.

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